About us

Gurukul is a recognized institute that fosters centered education, intentional spiritual development and vocational preparation within a unique learning community where all faculty, staff and students are driven towards the same mission and vision.

Core Values

Fostering Academic Excellence

By supporting skilled and dedicated teachers who maintain high academic standards, motivate our students and collaborate with our families.

Nurturing the Whole Child

By creating engaged learners, encouraging honesty and guiding social and emotional development

Ensuring a Safe Environment

By promoting mutual respect in our diverse community of students, teachers and families

Developing Critical Thinkers

By encouraging intellectual curiosity and rewarding independent and creative problem solvers



Sports being an important part of life help students maintain their physical and mental conditions good. We here at Gurukul encourage our children to participate in various sports help them grow and feel active.

Our Building

Sprawled over 4.5 acres of land, the architectural design of the school building is really fascinating and the infrastructure is world class. The classrooms are not only spacious but also ergonomically designed to make the young learners feel safe and secured.


With excellent teachers and  great vision our school students appears on top of the list of various competitive as well as board examinations. Every year we give the score 100% students passed in board examination getting great marks and appreciation from all their family members.

Green Award by Governor of Rajasthan

Thriving in the dust of Thar. Our School is one of the best examples of the stories of prevention of nature. The importance of nature is taught to all the students in our school.

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