Admission Procedure


The prospectus along with the registration form is available in the school office. The registration form should be duty filled and submitted in the office before the due date. Please note that no application will be accepted after the due date.

A child has to complete for admission by a preparing in an oral aptitude and intelligence test for the Nursery & KG classes. Both the parents' should accompany the child at the time of the interview.

A written test and an interview will be held from Prep. Onwards.

The new admission are mainly taken in the p r e- p r i m a r yc l a s s e sof N u r s e r y, Kindergarten and Preparatory: the age limits for which are 2 1/2 + 4 4/2 and 5+, respectively .

Children who are underage or overage beyond a reasonable limit will not be considered for admission.

The Management of the school reserves all rights of admitting any child to the school. They are not bound to give reasons for admission or rejection of any particular child.


The admission test wills over English, Hindi, Math's & Science based on the syllabus of the preceding class to which admission is sought.


The following enclosures should compulsory be attached with the registration be attached with the registration form. If any one of these is not available, an application of extension must be made. In any case the required documents should be submitted within fifteen days of the admission.

  1. Birth certificate [only for Nursery, Kindergarten & Preparatory].
  2. Transfer certificate from the school attended previously. [Prep. onwards.]

Photostat copy of the progress report of the previous class.